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Not timeshare it is vacation ownership

I had already purchased 2 days theme park tickets on line prior to arriving in Orlando, but was conscious that we would need to buy some more, we are only here for 5/6 days and have no intention of spending every waking minute in the parks, as good as I am sure they are, so I was relieved when I read that we could purchase tickets in the hotel and hopefully get some advice on the best ways to spend our time here. So having checked in fairly painlessly and found our room we went down to the concierge for some advice on what tickets to purchase. Whether it was fatigue on my part, or the flattering patter of Mike the salesman or the promise of a $100 reduction I don’t know, but before I knew it we had signed up for a timeshare presentation in the morning, sorry I must use the correct terminology, it isn’t timeshare it is “vacation ownership” now. An Uber ride was arranged to collect us at 0730 in the morning, I was angry at myself for being duped in, particularly as the presentation in the morning would be two hours long and we would have to sit through it all in order to recoup the $40 we had already paid and the $100 reduction from the purchase of theme park tickets, still I like a challenge.

So an Uber ride later in the morning we arrived at the very plush Wyndham resort close to the Disney Parks, believe this is not like the slum area of Wymondham in Norfolk! All very corporate with salesman and women immaculately presented ready for a day of hard selling! I hadn’t slept brilliantly, so it would be fair to say I wasn’t in the mood for somebody to try and sell me a timeshare/vacation ownership - Diane asked how I was going to approach things, my reply was my opening gambit will “there is more chance of me having a date tonight with Jennifer Aniston that you selling me a timeshare today!” Thankfully a couple of corporate coffees later I had relaxed a bit so when our “guide/salesman/agent” called Tiago introduced himself to us I was in a slightly more amenable manner. I did try and level with Tiago and told him (without reference to Jennifer Aniston) that there was no way that we would ever be purchasing a timeshare today, so why don’t we stop wasting each other’s time and you just refund me my $40, and give us our discount! Tiago replied “Mr Rory, Miss Diane, this isn’t timeshare” FFS here we go …… “Jennifer, what are you doing later?”
So we suffered 120 minutes of carefully prepared sales talk along with videos, visits and the inevitable hard sell, I did get my book out at one stage and started read it before Diane told me to put it away, suffice to say we parted, Tiago, despite him showing us shots of the slums of Rio de Janeiro that he had been allegedly been brought up in along with pictures of his daughter, wife, etc didn’t make a sale with us today. Now don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with anyone trying to make a living for themselves and their family, but when Tiago’s opening line was that any discounts are only available today he had lost me from the start. For all the carefully crafted marketing speech that has an answer to every concern that you might raise there are two sayings in our country that spring to mind, one is which my father (yes him who has the theory as to why women can’t map read) told me in that “ a fool and his money are easily parted” and the second in relation to my calling the product on offer as timeshare only to be quickly rebuked I think of an old Norfolk proverb which says “if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then generally it is a duck!” Just for the record the packages they were trying to sell today are for thousands of dollars. What particularly annoyed us was the prominent position the “concierge” desk had within the hotel, when in effect it was just there to sell timeshares, and the very aggressive sales approach adopted at the resort or order to try and make a sale, this even stirred Diane into making a complaint with the hotel - that shows had bad things were!!

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